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New Luxury Replica Rolex Day-Date 36 Watches Review Of 2019

Replica Rolex Day Date 36 Watches Of 2019

With Baselworld 2019, most people have their eyes set on the sports watch. Because Rolex sports watches are quite popular these days, especially the stainless steel Rolex Submariner, but some Rolex dress watches are also worth discussing. Especially the Luxury replica Rolex Day-Date 36 watches.

A Movement Four Years Late

In 2015, Rolex released a new Day-Date watch size, 40MM.Rolex Day-Date 40 watches got a lot of attention. In addition to the larger size better suited to a man's wrist, the movement upgrades inside are the biggest highlight. Because the 40MM Rolex watches have been replaced with the NO.32XX movement. So from then on we were waiting for Rolex to replace the same movement for the 36MM watches. But we've been waiting four years. So my subtitle is "Four years late for the NO.3255 movement".

The NO.32XX series is the most modern and reliable of all the Rolex movements. the NO.3255 movement combines the advantages of many movements. This is because the movement has a Paraflex shock absorber, a Chronergy escapement, and a Parachrom balance spring inside. These devices protect the movement from magnetic fields and external impacts. The end result is that this reliable movement provides more accurate time. And the larger barrel provides 70 hours of power storage. In other words, the NO.3255 movement gives these perfect Rolex Swiss replica watches a higher value.

Four Lack One

Rolex Day Date Replica 36 128349RBR

If you look at the materials used, it's customary for Rolex to release four Day-Date watches every year - yellow gold, white gold, platinum, and Everose - but unfortunately there is no platinum watch in the 36MM Day-Date watches that Rolex is releasing in 2019. This seems to be the incomplete Day-Date collection, but Rolex has added new dials for the other three watches.

New Dial

Each reference model has a very wide range of dial styles. Part of the dial is consistent with the previous Rolex watches. But another part of the dial was first seen in 2019. The pink opaline dial with diamond hour-markers is the first new dial style. The second new dial style is a veined turquoise dial with diamond hour markers. The third is a full diamond pavé dial with 10 baguette-cut, rainbow-colored sapphire indexes. Next, what do you think of these new dials?

Mrs. President's Watch

Rolex Day Date Replica 36 128349RBR

From the birth of Day-Date until now, either 36MM, 40MM, or 41MM have been mens replica Rolex watches, so do you think the 2019 36MM Day-Date watches are for men or presidents? Anyway, I think these luxury replica watches are designed for women or the president's wife. What man would prefer a diamond-studded 36MM watches?The reason Rolex did this is probably to get men to buy 40MM Day-Date watches, leaving more of the 36MM watches to women. So, it was a fair decision.

Rolex Day Date Replica 36 128235

Finally, more women are invited to pay attention to the 36MM Rolex watches.40MM is for men, 36MM watches belongs to women. Of course it's not absolute. The watches have been updated with technology that provides better value. If you want to experience these replica watches, you can buy them at Hont Watches.